The Overberg District Municipality welcomes you to our resort. We hope that you and your family will have a pleasant stay. We would like to bring the following camping rules to your attention.

The following rules apply:

The person receiving the rules accepts responsibility to inform the person(s) in his/her group accordingly and to ensure that everyone abides by the rules.

  1. All facilities at the resort are used at own risk.
  2. The right to access is reserved
  3. Property brought along by visitors are done so at their own risk. The Council is not responsible for any damage/loss and/or theft thereof.
  4. Visitors are responsible for all equipment and furniture/fittings in the unit allocated to them.
  5. Ensure that you familiarise yourself immediately with the inventory list and report any shortages/faults to the security/office. If you fail to do the latter, you will be held accountable for any shortages or faults.
  6. No motorbikes may be used in the camping site, including quad bikes and electronic scooters.
  7. Only two vehicles per site are allowed and these must be parked on the site.
  8. No extra persons will be allowed.
  9. Day visitors are allowed at a fixed daily tariff. They are welcome from 08h00 – 17h00. No day visitors will be allowed after 17h00.
  10. The speed limit inside the resort is 15km/h
  11. Children under the age of six years may not use the facilities (ablution included) without supervision.
  12. No animals are allowed inside the resort.
  13. No vandalism or littering will be tolerated. Please bring any cases of vandalism and littering to the attention of the Resort Manager. Use the refuse bins to dispose of waste.
  14. No fireworks of any nature may be used at the site.
  15. No sleeping/overnight in vehicles will be allowed.
  16. Warm water must be used sparingly.
  17. No loud music or sound system is allowed in the camp/accommodation. Music is allowed between 08h00 – 22h00. No music allowed after 22h00.
  18. Please try not to disturb your neighbors peace.
  19. Arrival times are from 14h00.
  20. Departure time is at 10h00. The key must be handed in to security or the office when leaving the resort. Should you fail to do so, your breakage deposit of R300.00 will not be refunded to you.
  21. If you want to stay longer after departure time you have to pay day camp- fee per person until 17h00.
  22. No furniture may be taken out of the houses/chalets.
  23. Should you depart before the arranged date, no discount or repayment will be awarded.
  24. No alcohol or making of fires is allowed in the swimming pool area.
  25. No fires may be made at places other than the braai facilities that has been provided for.
  26. The accommodation must be left in a neat condition when you depart.
  27. Complaint/incident registers are available in the office and at security. Should you experience any problems, please contact the Resort Manager and/or complete an incident form.
  28. Transgressors of the rules will be prosecuted.

Your co-operation is much appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,
Municipal Manager




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